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Photo above to the left and to the right :
Per Jahnke
Photo above to the right: Mats Randér

Höglekardalen 2018

Furillos DeLuxe

Höglekardalen 2018

Popaid 2018

Medelpad Sports Gala 2017 © Harström

New Years Eve 2016/17

Christmas Show in Karlstad 2016

Karlstad, Sweden 2015

Sanna Nielsen, Summertour 2015

Chess In Concert 2015

New Years Eve 2013/2014

Dynamos from the musical Mamma Mia, 2013

Swedish Channel 4, Sommarkrysset, 2013

"Fältartisterna" (see biography), 2013

The Swedish heat of the Eurovision Song Contest, 2012

Sanna Nielsen, 2011

New Delhi, 2008

Thérèse Löf is a priceless asset, an energy bomb in our hit production of "Mamma Mia!" in Stockholm. She is a warm and loyal member of our large company.

In addition, she sings absolutely great! An experienced and driven show dancer. What more can you ask for?

Görel Hanser

Charlotte Olofsson

The swedish heat of Eurovision Song Contest, 2007

"Donna" in Mamma Mia!, Stockholm 2006

Pride festival, Stockholm 2006

Show together with, among others, Andreas Lundstedt, Waxholm, Sweden 2006

Eurovision Song Contest with Carola, Athens 2006

Björn Skifs Show, 2004

This talented girl is an asset to every production and performance through her vibrant energy and invincible ambition level.

It really is a pleasure to work and socialize with Tessan!

Björn and Pernilla Skifs

E-type Hard Rock Tour, 2003

E-type Summer Tour, 2004

E-type Release party, 2004

I have had the pleasure of working with Thérèse on hundreds of occasions, mostly in the corporative entertainment industry. She has a colourful, artistic personality with a dynamic and powerful voice, touching the heart of the listener. She is as magnificent in an evening dress singing "Goldfinger", as when she jumps off the stage and meets her audience in a seductive "Yes Sir, I Can Boogie". Thérèse is a thoroughbred entertainer who masters the full range of the scale: from a low-key number from "Kristina från Duvemåla", to a real rock chic making people jump up and down.

It is a blessing to be her colleague on stage, as she is always there, 100 per cent, giving her all. Off-stage, she is a passionate yet very cool woman with a mind of her own who knows how to carry herself in every situation.

Descriptions like these often entail a lot of superlatives, but Tessan deserves every one of them.

Micke Grahn
Producer annd artist

E-type Hard Rock Tour, 2003

Mamma Mia!, "Karin", 2006

Mamma Mia!, "Karin", 2006

Björn Skifs Show, 2004

Choir for Monica Silverstrand

Thérèse Löf Amberg, or "Tessan" among friends, has worked with me at numerous occasions, both as a back-up singer and a dancer.

Her happy face, easygoing attitude and professionalism embrace everybody on and off stage. She always stays positive, even when opening night is demanding nerves on the edge.

To those of you who are about to work with Thérèse for the first time, I just have one thing to say: Congratulations!

All the best

Lasse Berghagen


Maria Eberfors Höglekardalen 2013/2014
Cristina Funke Sommarkrysset 2013
Joakim Ramsell Backstage with Sanna 2012
Martin Skoog Mamma Mia!
Fredrik Jönsson Waxholm
Karin Törnblom Carola; studio images
Mats Bäcker Björn Skifs
Curt Pettersson E-type
Eva Bouvin Choir for Monica Silverstrand
Eva Bagge Lasse Berghagen